Penny & Worth Ltd

Based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Company No. 11782816


If you are looking for inspiration then look no further.  Below are some examples of services we have provided to customers for their specific needs.



During the process of moving home our customer became overwhelmed with the variety of tasks and research to ensure change over of utility accounts, removal costings etc.  So we took on this work on behalf of our customer.  We researched removals companies and carried out appropriate due diligence to ensure they were reliable.  We then narrowed it down to 3 companies and arranged for them to visit and provide accurate quotes.  Our customer was then able to choose the prefered company based on price & reliability.  We also researched suppliers for utilities in the area and produced comparison charts to help the customer make an informed decision.


Moving Assistance


One of our customers who uses our vehicle management services was due to move offices and was on a tight time frame to have the new office ready.  We attended the office and assisted with moving of furniture, computers, filing cabinets etc and helped our customer meet the required deadline for the move.  

Website Critique

We have assisted a number of small businesses re-design their websites using website builder software from Wix, and set up their 'google my business' page to improve performance.  We are uniquely placed to understand how it feels to be a small business with a limited budget and a desire to stay current.  We have learned a lot along the way and have helped customers re-design their brand, provide proof-reading assistance and design/critique website, that are easy for them to then maintain themselves following a brief tutorial.