Our bespoke errand services are tailored to your needs and are based on availability. 

Gift shopping cost £25 per hour plus the cost of the gift items.

Ironing cost £25 per hour.

Vehicle management or courier errands costs £25 per hour, plus £0.45p per mile for any distance more than 10 miles from our place of business.

If you would be interested in booking our bespoke errand services then please complete the below enquiry form. 

***Please note that if we are to drive your vehicle we use temporary add-on insurance from Cuvva which is available for most vehicles.  However, if your vehicle is high value or a specialist make/model then you may need to add us to your policy as a named driver in advance of the booking***

Book a Bespoke Errand

If you have a more bespoke errand request, please tell us about it here and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote tailored to you. 

Looking For Some Inspiration?

If you are looking for inspiration then look no further.  Below are some examples of services we have provided to customers for their specific needs.

Vehicle Collection

We have a number of customers who lead busy lifestyles and own high-value specialist vehicles which require maintenance from specific garages.  Often the garages are not local to our customers and finding the time to book vehicle collection can be difficult and in some instances not an available service from the garage.  Plus there is the logistics of then trying to get the vehicle returned home once the work is complete.  In these instances, we liaised with our customer's chosen garage and to arranged suitable dates for delivery/collection.  We then collected the vehicle/s and safely delivered them to our customers chosen garage and then returned them to their home address.  We also shared our location with our customer so they can monitor the progress of their precious asset. 

Vehicle Detailing

A customer wanted to have their vehicle wrapped, we assisted by carrying out research to find a recommended and reliable company.  We then collected the vehicle from our customer's address and delivered it to the selected wrapping company Adept in who are based in Cheltenham.  We then returned the vehicle, detailed, to the customers home address at the requested time & date.

Vehicle Storage

Networking with Windrush Vehicle Storage we arrange collection of our customer's specialist vehicle from their home address and deliver it to Windrush for safe storage.  When the customer wishes to use their vehicle we take care of all the arrangements to book out the vehicle and deliver it to the customers home, and then return the vehicle to Windrush Vehicle Storage when required. 

Courier Service - Painting Transportation

One of our valued customers needed assistance transporting a valued piece of artwork from his home address to Sotheby's in London for auction.  After liaising with both our customer & Sotheby's we arranged a suitable date and appropriate insurance for transport.  We then attended our customers home address in the northern Cotswolds and safely loaded the painting for transport.  The painting was delivered that same day to Sotheby's valuation team.  Regular communication & location was shared with our customer so he could see live time progress on his valuable asset. 

Penny & Worth Ltd

Errand Running Services 

Based in Gloucestershire we provide shopping & errand running services within the Cheltenham, Tewkesbury area of Gloucestershire.

Penny & Worth Ltd

Based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

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T: 01242 379009

Opening Hours:

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