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Frequently asked questions

Shopping Service

How do I place an order?

Orders need to placed using the online booking forms provided within this website, via email to or sending a message using Messenger via our facebook page If you are not sure what you want or would like to discuss your requirements please feel free to contact us at 01242 379009 to discuss and recieve a tailored quote.

How late can I place an order?

Ideally to ensure availability with our errand runners we request 24hrs notice. However, if you require same day delivery please place your order before 3PM and we will check availability with our errand runners for a same-day evening slot delivery.

Is there a limit on delivery slots?

At the moment we can carry out approximately 10 x shop & deliveries per 2hrs timeslot. So we recommend ordering early to avoid disapointment.

Is there anything I can't order?

I am affraid so. At this time we cannot accept orders for alcohol that has not been pre-purchased. We do not have a personal alcohol licence so we cannot purchase and supply alcohol. However, if you would like alcohol delievered, we request you contact the store and pay for this item directly. We can then collect and delivery the alcohol to you.

Where do you shop from?

We shop at any stores within the Cheltenham & Tewkebsury area. If you require shopping form a store outside of this area then please let us know and we can check availability with out Errand Runners and send you a customerised quote.

Where do you deliver to?

Currently we deliver to Tewkesbury & Cheltenham areas only. This includes the immediate surrounding villages liek Overbury, Kemerton, Bredon etc.

Would you collect my pre-paid grocery order?

Certainly, if you have pre-paid for and booked any items in advance which the store will have prepaired then we can collect and deliver them to you. Please fill in our Click & Collect booking form to request this service.

Will you visit more than one shop?

Yes, we can visit multiple stores and they do not have to be the same store type. So whether you required carrots or wall paint, we have you covered.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the goods purchased on your behalf from the store. Plus our shopping & delivery fee. Our base rate shopping fee is £4.50 and our base rate delivery fee is £4.99. Our base rate fees are based on shopping for 10 items or less, from a single store and delivering to an address is within 1.5 miles of the store. The store must be located within the Cheltenham or Tewkesbury area. e.g. if you request 9 items from a single store within 1.5 miles of your address, and the items purchased come to a total price of £25.45. You will be required to pay: £25.45 (goods) £4.50 (shopping fee) £4.99 (delivery fee) Total amount payable at point of delivery = £34.94 Please note additional fees will apply if delivering to address that is more than 1.5 miles from a Cheltenham or Tewkesbury store, when visiting multiple store, the store itself is located outside of the Cheltenham/Tewkesbury area, and/or more than 10 items have been requested. The total fees applied to the order will be recorded in the order confirmation.

Why do I have to pay for shopping & delivery?

We acknowledge that customers can experience free delivery and free services from larger international on demand companies or supermarket chains. However, the compromise is that you as the customer may have to purchase large quantities of goods and/or the stores are charged hefty fees for access to services and/or the drivers may be paid unfairly. At Penny & Worth Ltd we deliver a bespoke personal service that looks to offer fair & ethical services in which the customer, the store and the errand runners are not penalised for accessing the services. Our Errand Runners are self employed, but we still believe in ethical pay for their services. We would not be able to provide a bespoke local convience service without their time. It is our Errand Runners who incur the expense associated to the purchase and running cost of the delivery vehicles, the insurance and fuel cost. They are not able to earn any profit of the any goods sold. So they recieve 100% of the delivery fee.

When & how do I pay?

At the point of delivery you will be informed of the cost of the goods and given a copy of the store receipt. You will also be provided with the breakdown of the service delivery costs. The Errand Runner will have a merchant terminal to take secure payments through debit/credit card (including Amex) chip & pin, contactless and/or apple/google pay.

Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order requirement.

Can I schedule a regular delivery?

Yes, if you have a daily, weekly or monthly shop you can let us know your shopping list and we will schedule the shop and delivery at the time that suits you.

Do you offer an unpacking service?

Yes, if you would like the errand Runner to unpack the delivery and stock your cupboards/fridge then this would be an additional obe off fee of £5.00. If you will not be present at the home when the Errand Runner attends please ensure you have informed us in advance of means to access the property. Please note our Errand Runners are all DBS security & criminal background checked.

Click & Collect Service

How do I book a click & collect service?

You can book a click and collect serice by completed the online form located within this website, email or send a message using Messenger within our Facebook page

Why do you need proof of purchase for pre-paid items?

This will help communication with the store and ensure you are not charged twice for the items being collected.

Why do you need my reference details & item descriptions?

The store will require this information to retrieve your item. We will need to provide this to them when we go to collect. Description of the items will help us check that the store have provided the correct items. Description of item will also help us idenitfy if the delivery can be carried out by a scooter errand runner or a car based errand runner.

Where do you pick up from?

We can pick up click and collect items on your behalf from any stores located within Cheltenham & Tewkesbury. If you would like a click & collect from a store outside Cheltenham & Tewkesbury we can still assist, but you will need to let us know so we can check availability and there may be additional delivery charges applied.

Why do I need to sign the booking form?

The store will require proof of authority for collection by a third party. This will allow us to verify the authority to collect the item on your behalf.

What if I am not home to collect the items?

Ideally someone will need to be home to accept the goods when our Errand Runners deliver. However, if you are not going to be at home, please let us know in advance and authorise a suitable location for the item to be securely left. Please note that if you authorise the items to be left unattended we are not responsible for them once the errand runner has completed the delivery.

Can I book Click & Collect from multiple stores?

Yes, if you have items reserved at more than one store location we can have these collected and delivered to you.

My click & collect item is too large for a car?

If you require a click & collect item that is too large for a car delivery then we may still be able to assist, but there would be additional charges for vehicle hire.

Takeaway Food Delivery Service

I have food allergies, how do I ensure this is taken into account?

If you have any food allergies you need to let us know on the booking form. This information will then be relayed to the restaurant at the point of order. However, please note our errand runners do not have any involvement in the food preparation and we would not be responsible for any allergens being present in the food.

What if the restaurant I want to order from do not do take out?

Unfortunately if the resturant do not provide a take out service we will not be able to place an order with them to be delivered.

What happens if my food is not delivered at the requested time?

Our errand runners will place the order to be collected at your requested time. Once the resturant has prepared the food it will be promptly delivered to you. However, we are not responsible for any unforseen delays that is outside our hands such as delays in food preparation or traffic.

How do I place an order for takeaway food delivery?

If you are located within the Tewkebsury area and would like to book this service then please complete the booking request from located within our website, email us at or send a message using Messenger via our Facebook page

Bespoke Errand Service

Penny & Worth Ltd

Errand Running Services 

Based in Gloucestershire we provide shopping & errand running services within the Cheltenham, Tewkesbury area of Gloucestershire.

Penny & Worth Ltd

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