Our Personal Assistant service costs just £25 per hour which includes our travel within a 20 mile radius. 

If you would be interested in booking this service then please complete the below enquiry form. 


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If you are looking for inspiration then look no further.  Below are some examples of services we have provided to customers for their specific needs.

Waiting & Mail Redirect

It is frustrating enough when you need to stay in for deliveries, but even more so when you spend time between two countries and your diary is unpredictable.  For this customer they had their deliveries sent to our home address. We then stored them on their behalf, then when they were back in the UK we arranged a convenient time to deliver the parcels to them. On the occasions when they could not redirect the mail we waited at their home for the parcel delivery. 

Home Security Checks

A couple of our customers have multiple homes and so their home here in the Cotswolds can be left unattended for some time.  We attend the home and check there is no water leaks or damages and turn on the lights, flush toilets etc to ensure all is running as it should be.  We will then leave the home secure. 

Moving Office

One of our customers who uses our vehicle management services was due to move offices and was on a tight time frame to have the new office ready.  We attended the office and assisted with moving of furniture, computers, filing cabinets etc and helped our customer meet the required deadline for the move.  

Penny & Worth Ltd

Errand Running & Personal Assistant Services 

Based in Gloucestershire we provide errand running services to Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Worcester and surrounding Cotswold villages within the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire areas.

Penny & Worth Ltd

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