Our errand service costs just £25 per hour (which includes travel within a 20 mile radius), plus any additional cost for shopping that was not pre-paid. If you would be interested in booking this service then please complete the below enquiry form. 


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If you are looking for inspiration then look no further.  Below are some examples of services we have provided to customers for their specific needs.

Click & Collect Deliveries

A number of customers have used our services to assist with click and collect items.  One particular customer had an electrical items that was purchased online as a click and collect item from John Lewis in Cheltenham.  Then fully intended to collect the item themselves, but forgot they had some other plans on the day it was due to arrive.  Due to their busy schedule that was the only time they had clear meaning their item would not be collected till the end of the week.  However, we were able to go to John Lewis and collect the item on their behalf and then delivered it to their home at a conveinient time when someone was in.  

Prescription Collection

We have helped a number of customers who have prescriptions ready for collection which they are unable to collect themselves due to busy schedules, work locations or mobility problems.  One such customer works out of county and by the time they get home from their commute the pharmacy is closed.  They have a regular monthly prescription which we schedule in our diary and we collect for them each month and then delivery it to them later that day when it is convenient for them.

Grocery Shopping

When you have a busy lifestyle it is difficult to find the time to do everything you need, especially when you have to drive to different locations, find parking etc.  A customer was having a party and needed some items, but with all the planning for the party, just did not have the time to grocery shop for the additional items needed.  So we were given a shopping list of items that needed to be purchased from three different stores within the Cheltenham & Tewkesbury area.  We drove to the various stores and purchased the requested items on our customer's behalf and then delivered them to their home address.

Penny & Worth Ltd

Errand Running & Personal Assistant Services 

Based in Gloucestershire we provide errand running services to Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Worcester and surrounding Cotswold villages within the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire areas.

Penny & Worth Ltd

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