Penny & Worth Ltd

Based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Company No. 11782816


If you are looking for inspiration then look no further.  Below are some examples of services we have provided to customers for their specific needs.


Painting Transportation


One of our valued customers needed assistance transporting a valued piece of artwork from his home address to Sotheby's in London for auction.  After liaising with both our customer & Sotheby's we arranged a suitable date and appropriate insurance for transport.  We then attended our customers home address in the northern Cotswolds and safely loaded the painting for transport.  The painting was delivered that same day to Sotheby's valuation team.  Regular communication & location was shared with our customer so he could see live time progress on his valuable asset. 

Bespoke Shopping


When you have a busy lifestyle it is difficult to find the time to do everything you need, especially when you have to drive to different locations, find parking etc.  We were given a shopping list of items from various store locations which our customer needed buying.  We drove to the various stores and purchased the requested items on our customer's behalf and then delivered them to their home address later that evening. 

Accept Deliveries


It is frustrating enough when you need to stay in for deliveries, but even more so when you spend time between two countries and your diary is unpredictable.  For this customer they had their deliveries sent to our home address. We then stored them on their behalf, then when they were back in the UK we arranged a convenient time to deliver the parcels to them.