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This is the Penny & Worth Ltd App ("App") which, is owned by Leigh-Ann Bickerdyke, a director located in England registered office in the district of Tewkesbury


We offer a core service of ‘on-demand errand services’, which is broken down into three areas of business, Grocery Shopping, Food Delivery and Bespoke Errands.  These are defined as our services and our Website “website” ( goes into further detail about each of our services. 


By using this App you acknowledge that you have read and you agree to be bound by and comply with these Terms and Conditions found herein.


Nothing in our terms and conditions affects the customer's statutory rights.


We aim to perform our service to the highest of standards.  Please contact us if you have any complaints or concerns about the level of service you have received from our Errand Runners.

Our Errand Runners will be dressed in smart appearance suitable for the work they are required to carry out.  They will be in possession of an insulated bag when transporting hot food and will be courteous and polite at all times. 


Penny & Worth representative will be subject to security checks and will be vetted by Penny & Worth. 

We will, where requested, advise customers of recommended services or requirements that may assist with what the customer wishes to achieve.  But it will remain the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have articulated their requirements correctly and that they have provided Penny & Worth Ltd with all the necessary information to fulfil their requirements.

Our staff reserve the right to refuse entry to homes or to carry out any services in which the customer's behaviour poses a threat to their safety. We further reserve the right to terminate any work due to unreasonable or improper behaviour by any customer.



It is the responsibility for the customer to clearly articulate their requirements to Penny & Worth Ltd.  The customer is to provide Penny & Worth will all available information to assist them with completing the requested task.  


Any Service provided by Penny & Worth Ltd will require at least 24 hours notice and will be subject to availability. Same day services may be accepted, subject to availability.  However, additional charges may apply.

Penny & Worth Ltd opening hours are between 1030hrs and 2230hrs Monday to Sunday.  In instances of food delivery or shopping service, our hours may be superseded by the customers chosen store opening hours.  If a service has been requested and the store is not open at the requested delivery time then we will notify the customer accordingly.

Penny & Worth Ltd services are limited to Tewkesbury & Cheltenham area of Gloucestershire.  Our Bespoke errand services may extend beyond this and will be quoted for accordingly upon request.


Shopping Services:

By default, customers will be limited in selecting a maximum of 10 items for our drivers to shop for & deliver.  On delivery, the customer will be provided with a receipt for the goods purchased. The customer will be responsible for paying the total price of the purchased goods plus £4.99 delivery fee, plus £4.50 shopping fee.  The delivery fee is for delivery addresses within a 1.5-mile distance from the store. 


Further charges may apply for deliveries outside that location. If a customer would like to order more than 10 items they are to make an enquiry to Penny & Worth Ltd who will confirm driver availability.  Where more than 10 items are requested additional shopping charges will apply.  Additional shopping charges will vary depending on the size of order/time to shop, the shopping time will be assessed and recorded on the customer's booking confirmation. 


Where a customer requests goods from multiple shops then additional shopping fees will apply.  Fees will be at a discounted price but will vary depending on the distance of store location and number of items from each store. Additional shopping charges recorded on the customer's booking confirmation. 

Once an order has been placed a confirmation will be sent to the customer.  If no confirmation has been received then the order will not take place. 


Where an order includes any items that have a purchase restriction by age (cigarettes), the customer acknowledges that they meet the legal requirements and are of age.  In such instances, the driver will need to see identification from persons at the delivery address to confirm age prior to completing the order.  If no identification is shown then the driver will not deliver the restricted items, but the customer will still be required to pay for the entire order and the delivery fee.


If any food allergies are applicable it will be the customer's reasonability to bring this to the attention of Penny & Worth Ltd and provide suitable examples of acceptable items for substitutions. Penny & Worth Ltd is not a nutritionist and bears no responsibility for any purchase of items that may contain allergens.  Any allergen concerns raised from within products purchased from the store, this is to be reported to the store who bear the responsibility for the product supply and packaging. 

Takeaway Food Delivery Services:

Takeaway Food delivery services are currently limited to the Tewkesbury GL20 area.  It is the customer's responsibility to articulate correctly to Penny & Worth Ltd what they want & where from.  Penny & Worth will place the order with the chosen restaurant on behalf of the customer and once prepared will deliver to the customers chosen address. Penny & Worth Ltd will endeavour to get the order to the customer at the requested date & time slot.  However, they will not be responsible for any unforeseen delays in delivery that are outside of their control, e.g. traffic, food preparation delays at the restaurant.


Penny & Worth Ltd drivers will transport any food in commercial-grade insulated bags to reduce any loss in heat whilst in transit.


The customer will be responsible for the total cost of the order from the restaurant plus £4.99 delivery (where the delivery address is within 1.5 miles of the restaurant).  Total payment will be due on delivery.  Delivery to addresses outside 1.5 miles will incur additional delivery charges.  Any discrepancies with the order need to be reported to Penny & Worth Ltd.


If any food allergies are applicable it will be the customer's reasonability to bring this to the attention of Penny & Worth Ltd so they can relay this to the chosen restaurant.  However, Penny & Worth Ltd bears no responsibility for any failure by the restaurant to comply with the request as they take no part in the food preparation.

Bespoke Errand Services Including, Vehicle Management

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the Penny & Worth representative is in possession of all information required to carry out the requested errand.  Any paperwork/reference numbers required to carry out the requested errand.  In instances involving vehicle transport, it is the customer's reasonability to ensure that the Penny & Worth Ltd representative is added to their vehicle insurance as a named driver.  

Penny & Worth will provide the customer with copies of their driver's licence and any road-related claim or convictions to assist with any insurance requirements.  Penny & Worth Errand Runners will only be permitted to drive the customer's vehicle in accordance with the pre-approved task i.e. travel between the home address and garage. 


Penny & Worth will drive the customer's vehicle safely and responsibly at all times.  Should any damage occur that is outside of the Penny & Worth's control they are to notify the customer immediately of the damage and the circumstances.  If relevant they will also adhere to their legal requirements associated with the road traffic act and insurance policy.

All bespoke services provided by Penny & Worth Ltd are £25 per hour with a minimum hire of £25.  This price includes a travel radius of 20 miles from our place of business (Tewkesbury GL20).  Any additional travel will be charged at a rate of £0.75p per mile. 


Where services are requested out of hours or with less than 24 hours notice there will be an additional administration fee of £10.


Unless otherwise agreed the prices stated is exclusive of the following which will be payable in addition where applicable:

- Unforeseen Road Tolls

- London Congestion Charge

- Or additional expenses such as parking


Total payment is due on completion of the task unless agreed otherwise in advance.  Each Penny & Worth Ltd errand representative will have an approved handheld Merchant payment device capable of taking debit/credit card (including AMEX) and Apple/Google pay transactions.  Where items were purchased on behalf of the customer as part of the service, they will also be provided with a copy of the receipt of purchase. 

Where a customer has a pre-authorised account with Penny & Worth Ltd they will be sent an invoice for the cost of services via invoice on completion of the task.  Payment is required upon receipt of the invoice. 

If payment is withheld or not settled in full upon completion of the task, Penny & Worth Ltd reserve the right to withhold any items they have purchased until such time that the customer settles payment in full. 

Penny & Worth Ltd accept payment via BACS, credit/debit card & Apple/Google Pay.  There is no longer any surcharge for private debit or credit cards.  However, payments made using international debit or credit card will incur a 3% surcharge.  Card payments can be made over the phone, in person or for invoice based customers via an online secure link hosted by Stripe Inc. 


If payment has not been received within the terms set out herein, interest will be added to the amount owed as per the Government guidelines.  E.g. 8% interest plus bank of England base rate to be charged daily until the total owed amount is settled.  If payment remains outstanding beyond a further 30 days then the additional debt recovery and late payment charges will also be added to the amount owed. If another 30 days pass without payment (90 days in total) then legal action will be sought to recover owed monies. 


If payment is made by the customer, using Debit or Credit card the statement will show the transaction as ‘Penny & Worth’.


If Penny & Worth Errand Runners attend an address but the customer fails to attend, or our Penny & Worth Ltd Errand Runner is unable to complete the customers booking because of failure to gain access to property or vehicles, we reserve the right to apply the full charge for the Service.


The Booking is a request by the customer to acquire the Services from Penny & Worth Ltd subject to this Agreement.


Bookings can be made via the Penny & Worth, telephone, emailing, Facebook messenger from penny & worth Facebook page or using the online booking forms located with the Penny & Worth Ltd Website.  Once a booking request has been received the Customer will be contacted by Penny & Worth Ltd who will confirm the booking and any associated service fees. 


The customer can make amendments to the booking up to the 4hrs prior to the scheduled completion date/time.  We will make every effort to meet the required amendments although in some instances there may be an amendment in the price to reflect the amendments requested.


A customer may cancel a booking at any time.  However, if cancellation for Food Delivery or Shopping is made once the Errand Runner has commenced their travel then the customer will be responsible to pay for the delivery charge of £4.99 and the cost of any items purchased prior to the cancellation. 


For Bespoke Errand Services we offer full refunds if a cancellation is made more than 48hrs in advance of the completion date.  Where the cancellation is made within 24hrs of the completion date the customer will be responsible for 100% of the booking fee.  Where a cancellation is made within 48hrs and 24hrs of the travel date the customer will be responsible for 50% of the booking fee.  However, we reserve the right to waive these cancellation charges where we believe extreme or unforeseen circumstances exist. 

Any approved refunds will be deposited directly to the customers chosen bank account or debit/credit card in line with our cancellation terms.


If the customer cancels a booking having only made a deposit or have yet to pay the full amount and choose to cancel the booking less than 48hrs before the completion date, then they will be responsible for paying the required amount as per the cancellation terms.

Penny & Worth Ltd

Errand Running Services 

Based in Gloucestershire we provide shopping & errand running services within the Cheltenham, Tewkesbury area of Gloucestershire.

Penny & Worth Ltd

Based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Company No. 11782816


T: 01242 379009

Opening Hours:

Monday            Open 09.30AM to 10.30PM

Tuesday            Open 09.30AM to 10.30PM

Wednesday     Open 09.30AM to 10.30PM

Thursday          Open 09.30AM to 10.30PM

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Saturday          Open 09.30AM to 10.30PM

Sunday             Open 09.30AM to 10.30PM

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