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How does it work?


It is simple, all you need to do is just follow these steps:

1. Select the service you would like to book; Shopping Service (Groceries & Other), Click & Collect Service, Food Takeaway Delivery Service or Other Errand Services)

2. Fill in the form telling us what you want, where you want it from, when you want it and where you want it to go

3. Click submit

Once you have sent us your order request:

1. You will receive a notification telling you that your request has been received

2. We will review your request and confirm availability for your date/time and confirm the fees (Delivery/Shopping) so you know the price.

3. You confirm the price.

4. We go to the store and shop for/pick up the requested items for you

5. We then deliver your items direct to your door 

6. We take payment from you at point of delivery for the cost of the goods (if not already pre-paid for) plus the delivery cost and shopping cost (where applicable).



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About Us


Today's society is very work driven and what little time is left at the end of the day is best spent with family, not grocery shopping and running errands.  Despite most people wanting to support local businesses, the convenience offered by large corporations means that convenience often wins out.  Even though the services offered by large corporations and supermarkets are riddled with limitations. 

1. Finding time!  You finally manage to log into your account, then spend hours trawling through masses of products, only to find there are no delivery slots available. 

2. Spend more than you need! many stores have a minimum spend of £60 or more so you end up ordering more than you need just to be eligible for delivery.

3. Substitutions! After going through all that time and money you then get your delivery and have random substitutions that make absolutely no sense. 

4.  Limited to one store?  What happens when you need products from more than one store....are you really going to order £60 worth of products from each store just to get the right items....Unlikely. So you end up compromising.

5. Limited to large chain stores! Online grocery shopping is very much exclusive to the large supermarkets that can afford the logistical infrastructure for delivery. 


Leigh-Ann & Nathan, a husband and wife team who's background is in chauffeuring and food delivery set up Penny & Worth Ltd in 2019 with a simple goal.  To provide people with an alternative to the current online shopping experience.  We don't cater to the masses, we provide a bespoke shopping & errand service that give you the ability to buy local and at the same time help the customer support smaller businesses.  With no minimum order quantity, you get what you want, when you need it from the comfort of your sofa. 

  • Need some dog food - you got it.

  • Out of paint for the front room and don't have time to stop by the store - you got it

  • Need some food for diner, but don't have time between work and collecting the kids from school - you got it.   

  • You've ordered a new toaster from the store, but you forgot you were meeting friends after work and can't get to the store to collect it - you got it.

  • Need to get your car to the garage, but you don't have the time to do it yourself - you got it.

  • Fancy a take away from your local restaurant, but they only offer take-out, not delivery - you got it.

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"Wonderful service, we used Penny & Worth as our car was due for some repairs and the specialist garage was not local.  They picked up the car from our home and took it to the garage for us.  They then brought it back when it was ready. Saved so much time.  Highly recommended"

Jon from Bredon (Oct 2019)

The Future For Penny & Worth


We are learning every day what our customers want and expect from us.  We understand that for some people they would like to know exact prices before they buy. This is a difficult one to solve because in order to give our customers free rein of their orders it is not possible at this time to monitor prices from all stores and maintain a simple and easy to use order process.  


However, fear not.  We know that local produce is important to the community and that it is something you want, but cannot always obtain.  So for this area of our business, we are in the process of working with local farm shops and businesses to set up a partnership process so that they can advertise their most popular products through Penny & Worth Ltd.  Allowing you to select your order with ease and know what your charge will be before delivery.

We have also started our takeaway delivery trial within the Tewkesbury area. 


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Tel:  01242  379009

If you are interested in booking Penny & Worth Ltd Services then you can do so by visiting the respective services pages for your task and complete the relevant booking form.  Alternatively you can use the appropriate form short cuts below.

Penny & Worth Ltd

Errand Running Services 

Based in Gloucestershire we provide shopping & errand running services within the Cheltenham, Tewkesbury area of Gloucestershire.

Penny & Worth Ltd

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