Penny & Worth Ltd

Based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Company No. 11782816



Penny & Worth are based in the beautiful area of the Cotswolds in the United Kingdom.  The Cotswolds are the setting for some of the most stunning homes and is a location where many retirees & professionals set down roots for their family or choose as their second home. However, all too often the restraints of modern living leave little time to carry out those all-important tasks.  


In the past, people relied on live-in staff known as valet's to help manage tasks within the home, prepare their vehicles and run errands.  However, that is not very practical for modern-day living where you only require assistance with specific areas of your life on an ad-hoc basis.  

Penny & Worth are in simple terms an errand-running business that help you gain back valuable time.  We hold the values & traditions of a valet service but tailored for the moderns lifestyle. 


Penny & Worth was created by a husband and wife team who, through their work as chauffeurs found that their customers we always busy.  Demanding work lives saw customers spending time away from home, or in some instances having second homes. 
They recognised that they could help their clients gain back some of that valuable time by taking on those day to day tasks that often get pushed to the bottom of the list.  




Need items collected or delivered, but just don't have the time in your diary.  We not only take care of the delivery, but we can also liaise with the company on your behalf to facilitate the arrangements.  Whether it is something from the local store or from a specific supplier out of county we will organise everything on your behalf.

Virtual & Personal Assistance


We provide virtual assistance for basic admin tasks and research.  However, we can also provide personal assistance as an extension of our errand running.   

Vehicle Management


We will take care of your pride and joy, arranging bookings & transporting for servicing, repairs etc.  Arranging vehicle storage, valet the vehicle on a routine basis.  We also have experienced chauffeurs who can provide you with driver only transport which is ideal for when you want to travel in your own vehicle but don't wish to drive yourself.


History of a Valet

Although most commonly known as a parking assistant within the USA, that is not the true nature of a Valet.

In the late 15th century a valet was a person who served the needs of their employer.  Often working in large manor homes tending to the property & vehicles as well as acting as a personal assistant running errands.  As a valet, you learned skills that were then over the years separated into other specific roles such as Chauffeur or Concierge.  Whilst the term may have changed the tradition of the role remains the same. 



Due to the nature of our services our prices are completely bespoke to the customer's requirements.  We can provide one-off services or work on a regular basis.   If you require specific skills of a contractor there may be additional costs for their services. 


Following an initial enquiry, we will make contact with you to discuss your needs and then tailor our quote specifically to you.  However, you can make amendments to your requirements at any time. 



I cannot thank Penny & Worth highly enough for their assistance with my collection of cars.  They look pristine and know they have been in good hands. 



Tel:  01242  379009